Philosophy & Vision


our philosophy

We want you to feel at home with us.

To take responsibility for this means for us to go a demanding, sometimes even uncomfortable way to live up to our philosophy.

To continue to grow on a daily basis in order to grow beyond oneself.

We always want to be genuine and authentic in order to be able to give your holiday a wonderfully relaxed atmosphere.

When satisfaction becomes enthusiasm, we have achieved our goal.

Visiting friends.

In times of a “crisis”  is where you can see how seriously we take our philosophy.

We hope that people will move closer together and stand together again during this time.
Therefore, we will prove to be a trustworthy partner for you and will not leave you in the rain with your booking.
For the summer months (June-August) we offer you the opportunity to cancel your stay with us free of charge up to 2 days before arrival. This gives you the greatest possible bookingSECURITY in these unpredictable times.

Look ahead and treat yourself to a break – you can count on us.


our vision

Our house is supposed to be a meeting place for people from all over the world, who want to feel completely at home and recover from everyday life.

Be it through delightful hikes in the Oetztal, action during outdoor activities, mountain biking or simply relaxing reading a book in the garden.

We are proud to welcome so many people from so many different countries like the Netherlands, Iran, UAE, Australia, Israel, England, Wales, Ireland, Switzerland, Spain, France, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Poland, South-Africa, Ukraine and my old native Germany, as our guests.

It would be great if you also arrive as guests and leave as friends.


our history

The “Haus Dorothee” has been welcoming guests from all over the world for many years.

During summer of 2015, the then “landlord”, a carpenter, lovingly restored parts of the apartments. Whether it is the living room and bedroom of the titmouse or the eagle – he has managed not only to maintain the charming flair and the cosiness, but to expand it.

When we acquired the “Haus Dorothee” in December 2016, we especially noticed the potential of this house.

With its fantastic, unique location in Sautens it is quiet, yet it offers the perfect starting point not only for exploring the Oetztal.

Already in the first month we started with the modernization. On the one hand we want to preserve the old charm of this house, on the other hand we adapt it to the needs of our guests through continuous modernization of the house, the apartments and the whole property.

We ourselves have moved into our apartment in June 2017, after a few renovations, and felt comfortable from the first day here.

Many other projects are already planed and we look forward to the implementation.

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more about us


Jessica Herrmann, dog trainer, apple fan and landlady

Hi, I’m Jessica. Welcome to Herrmanns – your vacation home in Sautens, in the front of Oetztal.

In 2009 I left my home in Baden (Germany) and moved to the Oetztal. Since then I have been impressed by tourism in Tyrol and, of course, especially in the Oetztal.

There were thought leaders and pioneers, not even a hundred years ago …..

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Nicole Herrmann, dog groomer, craftswoman and landlady

Soon we will learn more about Nicole ….


with PLAN

Every day we are grateful for what we have. Everyday things that we do not think about because they have become taken for granted. Such as:

  • Drinkable water from the pipe
  • Stable walls and a roof over your head
  • At least one toilet in the house
  • Free education
  • and so much more ….

But not all people in the world are this lucky. It was clear for us: we want to “give something back”. We researched a lot to find an organization we can stand behind 100%.

With PLAN INTERNATIONAL we have found this organization.

In 2013 we took over our first sponsorship.

When we bought the “Haus Dorothee” in December 2016, I immediately got the idea in my head: three apartments = three sponsorships!

The idea was implemented quickly.

Since it is a “matter of the heart” for us,

we would like to briefly introduce the project to you here.

Help that arrives!

PLAN works transparently, operates sparingly, informs factually and truthfully, and has effective control and supervisory structures. For this, the German Central Institute for Social Issues (DZI) has awarded PLAN INTERNATIONAL with the donation seal.

TÜV Nord is also convinced of the PLAN work: Within the scope of “Satisfaction of sponsors and donors with the service and services offered by the aid organization”, Plan International achieved the overall grade of 1.5 and a recommendation rate of 98 percent.

Improve living conditions!

Being born in a developing country usually means lifelong poverty and, above all, lack of opportunity.

PLAN INTERNATIONAL is committed to the lasting improvement of living conditions in Africa, Latin America and Asia.

Very important: Helping people help themselves!!

PLAN offers a wide range of diverse options.

The most sustainable and the one we have chosen is sponsorship:

Not only do we supports the godchild and his family, but also the local community.
Helping people help themselves. With the “PLAN program work”, the whole region is sustainably changed.

  • Promoting school attendance and vocational training
  • Basic medical care for children and young mothers
  • education on hygiene and diseases …
  • “personal” contact to the godchild via letters are possible
  • and much more….

We support PLAN

… and as guests of our house you help too!


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